Selling a home is a tricky business. And it’s also something of a national pastime, which means that everyone has an opinion on it.

But no matter how strongly your family or friends believe in a certain way of doing things, you shouldn’t take their advice at the expense of your agent’s. With that in mind, here are four things not to do when selling your home.

1. Don’t engage your agent late in the day

The way the real estate industry works, sellers generally only pay agents one fee: a commission on the sale price. The commission doesn’t vary depending on the amount of advice you glean from your agent, which means sellers should engage them as early in the process as possible, according to Michael Townsend, principal agent at McGrath St Kilda. The earlier sellers engage agents, the more time agents can spend on advising how to redecorate a home in line with the tastes of the target market. “Because they live in their house every day, sellers often need a fresh pair of eyes to identify [problem areas] that they have either just gotten used to, or just overlooked,” says Townsend.

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