Whether you’ve just moved into a new house or you’re in the market to buy new furniture, we’ve gathered some expert advice on styling a luxurious home.

Luxury, like style, is subjective and difficult to define. Many will think a luxury home consists of marble tabletops and sleek sofas. Others will think an antique French chaise and a chandelier.

Interior stylist Sarah Yarrow says luxury is less about one particular aesthetic and more about tailoring comfort to your lifestyle – i.e. a home that fundamentally provides a lovely space for rest and relaxation.

“So much about luxury is about having time, particularly time to enjoy your interior spaces,” Sarah finds.

“Luxury could be having a comfy armchair to sit and enjoy a coffee, or being able to have a rug underneath so you can walk around with bare feet and have it feel cosy and comfortable.”

Sounds pretty nice, right?

Her advice for styling a luxury home is to seek out quality pieces, pay attention to light and smartly incorporate the things you love. Here’s five tips on how to pull it all off.

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