If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, we have some expert tips on how to make this space a real retreat.

According to former The Block contestant Dale Vine, designing a bathroom these days is relatively easy. “Bathroom products have evolved to the point where they almost all look beautiful,” he points out. “It’s very easy today to build a beautiful bathroom just through the products themselves, compared to the choices you would have had ten years ago.” If you’re planning a bathroom renovation and need some inspiration for items that will elevate your space, read Dale’s advice.

1. A luxurious tub will serve you well

If you have the space and want a tub, take some time evaluating your options.“Baths at the moment are very luxurious. They have beautiful rounded edges, are very generous in size and they’re very deep so you can really submerge yourself and forget about all your worries,” Dale notes. “Even without water in them, the look of a beautiful bath really makes you feel like you’re somewhere luxurious.” Freestanding baths are a popular choice right now. Dale’s pick? Highgrove Bathrooms currently has an attractive range of matte white tubs that look particularly sophisticated.

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