More mess = more stress. If anyone knows how clutter creates stress and anxiety for households, it’s 7am waldrobes who see it time and time again when customers approach us desperate to incorporate wardrobe, pantry and linen storage solutions in their home. We also get to see the satisfaction and relief people experience after they sort and declutter, and finally, have organised storage.

While we’ve all been self-isolating and spending more time at home, most of us are unavoidably more aware of clutter, mess and jobs that, despite our best intentions, remain undone. Having everyone working or schooling at home together can create a feeling of chaos that leads to stress but having effective household systems and storage can help you feel calmer and more in control of your home.

While we’re still spending more time at home, now is the ideal time to tackle some of those decluttering projects we all keep putting on the back burner and bring some order and calm into our homes.

Here are our seven favourite quick and easy ways to take back control in a week, without feeling overwhelmed.

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