While it’s true that most of us have more stuff than we really need, it’s also true that most homes that were built years ago were built when people didn’t have a need for as much storage as we do now.

If you feel like your home doesn’t have enough storage space, this for you. One of the first things I do when I work with a client is assess the storage space situation. Many people have areas of their homes that can be used for more efficient storage. They just don’t know how to access it or where it is. 

Here are some of my favourite ways to turn unused areas of a home into places of storage.1. Look behind the looking glass
What’s behind your mirror? Using the same idea that a medicine cabinet mirror uses in a bathroom, full-length mirrors in bedrooms or wardrobes can be good places for storage.  With a hinge on its side, the mirror can open up to shelving or a small hanging area that can be installed with relative ease between wall studs. This can be a great place for storing jewellery, scarves, purses, belts or any other kind of accessory.

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