Queenslanders have listed to what they have been asked with regard to social distancing and it has paid off with some restrictions scheduled to ease this Saturday May 2nd

✅ permitted ✅
✅ leaving home to shop for food 
✅ seeing a doctor / healthcare professional 
✅ work 
✅ outdoor exercise
✅ enjoy recreational activities within 50km of your home including:
✅ going for a picnic 
✅ driving lessons with a member of your household ? 
✅ coffee or lunch on a park bench 
✅ motorbike rides or ? car trips 
✅ shopping for non essential items ? ?

? Not Allowed ?
? travelling to other cities ???
? gathering in large groups 
? going to the gym 
? to go a spa 
? go camping  
? travel to areas with restricted access eg Fraser / Moreton / North Stradbroke Island

Please be aware that this is not a return to life as it was before Covid19 – we still as a community need to maintain our social distancing and good hygiene practices to avoid a second spike in infections as seen in countries such as Singapore – initially a champion in the fight against Covid19 – now one of the the highest infection rates in Asia due to lifting their restrictions too soon! 

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