SAVE THIS PHONE NUMBER: Save stranded turtles on Sunshine Coast beaches .

This is what to do if you find a turtle on your local beach August to October is the time when marine turtle strandings spike on the Sunshine Coast.

Because it’s not yet nesting season, if you see a live turtle on the beach during this time, it’s likely because the turtle is sick or injured and needs your help.

Don’t put it back into the water – it may be too weak to swim.

Instead, immediately call the DES Marine Strandings Hotline on 1300 130 372 (Option 1). They will then contact the relevant agency to organise help for the turtle.

The DES Marine Strandings Hotline is the first point of call for any strandings of marine animals, dead or alive – save it on your phone now to have it ready when needed!

Be safe and look after our beaches.